Apricot Fancy Sir Edmund Hilary

Gilded Sunrise Allen's Surprise
The former National Garden of the
New Zealand Rhododendron Association
Haggerty Street, Kimbolton
Manawatu, New Zealand

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Collections & Plantings

The Park contains various regions dedicated to plantings of of differents varieties and species of rhododendron and other plants

The following are some of the more important plantings and collections. Click on the map or the  links below to see
more imformation on the collections.


1. The Front Border

3. R. 'Sir Edmund Hillary'

5. Yeates Azalea Collection

7. The Eastern Border

9. Rhododendron Species Collection

11. Rhododendron Trials

2. Manawatu-Rangitikei Rhododendrons

4. Jim Howard's Miniature Rhododendrons

6. NZ Kowhai collection

8. Maddenia Collection

10. Endangered NZ Native Shrubs

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