Apricot Fancy Sir Edmund Hilary

Gilded Sunrise Allen's Surprise
The former National Garden of the
New Zealand Rhododendron Association
Haggerty Street, Kimbolton
Manawatu, New Zealand

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Front Border

In 2006 the Heritage Park Committee decided to renovate the driveway in front of the Chalet, widen the steps and rebuild the garden beds which were collapsing and difficult to maintain.
Eventually in 2008 the new beds were planted with small rhododendrons and associated perennials suitable for today’s smaller gardens. A fine collection of kalmias which were planted in 2005 were moved to the new beds. Bill Robinson of Tikitere nurseries in Rotorua supplied thirteen different varieties, as they associate well with rhododendrons and are spectacular when flowering.

Another feature of the front border is the collection of eucomis donated by Manawatu plant breeder, Eddie Welsh.

Many of the unusual perennials and rare bulbs are provided by Olive Bayly. Some are propagated and sold to raise funds for the Park.

The spectacular annual display encourages younger gardeners to experiment with new plants.



General Scenes

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